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Family Friendly Employer Practices

Beginning in the earliest years, children learn resilience, teamwork, and creativity – skills that become highly valued once they grow up and enter the workforce. Children learn these skills through positive early learning experiences with their parents and caregivers.

Today, 63% of Colorado’s children birth through the age of four have all available parents in the workforce. Many families struggle to access high quality, affordable child care programs and are not provided with supportive family policies at work. Employers can attract and retain a workforce that is more present, prepared, and productive when they offer family friendly workplace policies.

When employers support parents and caregivers they help to strengthen families and promote positive parenting so young children can achieve their full potential. Family friendly policies that support child well-being and family stability contribute to a healthy, thriving, and productive society for Colorado.

Employers can support young children and families in several ways.

  1. Adopt family friendly workplace policies:
    • Paid leave for parents when they bring home a new child.
    • Flexible hours and telecommuting so parents can balance work and life commitments.
    • Breastfeeding support by providing time and a clean, private space for mothers.
    • On-site, high quality child care so parents have reliable and safe care for their children.
  1. Consider the Colorado Child Care Contribution Tax Credit (CCTC).
    • This public, private partnership can provide a tax credit up to 50% of the total contribution to a qualified child care organization and lowers state and federal taxes for businesses.
    • CCTC contributes to expanding quality child care opportunities for Colorado’s children and increasing access and affordability.
  1. Engage with your local Early Childhood Council to learn about community challenges and be part of the solution.
    • Councils are local early childhood hubs in their community and can provide information on family friendly workplace policies.
    • Councils can provide information and resources on how best to leverage CCTC, such as allocating your donation to a high quality child care
    • Councils need local business and community champions to join their Council membership or Board of Directors and advocate for quality child care and supportive family policies.

Find your local Council and connect to learn how your business or organization can support young children and families.