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ECCLA releases RFP for Colorado Coaching Consortium website redesign and update

Early Childhood Council Leadership Alliance (ECCLA)

Colorado Coaching Consortium Website Redesign and Update

Request for Proposals

October 10, 2022

Project Summary

ECCLA and the Colorado Coaching Consortium are seeking proposals from qualified website developers to redesign and update the Colorado Coaching Consortium Website (found at


The Early Childhood Council Leadership Alliance (ECCLA) and the Colorado Coaching Consortium work in partnership to ensure early childhood coaches across Colorado have access to high-quality professional development, technical assistance, and resources. The Colorado Coaching Consortium provides the website to connect coaches to resources, technical assistance, and professional development

Project Goals and Scope

It is our goal that at the end of the contract period the Colorado Coaching Consortium will have an updated website that allows for the following:

  • Updates look, security, and optimization with training for staff on maintaining website
  • Calendar or other similar service that allows for the posting of professional development trainings and other opportunities
  • Increased navigability
  • Searchable resource collection


An updated website that meets the aforementioned needs of the Colorado Coaching Consortium and its stakeholders that is accompanied by a maintenance schedule and training for staff on how to update and maintain the website.

Payment Information

Payments will be made to the selected consultant based on submission of invoices, and within 30 days after receipt of each approved invoice by ECCLA. Final payment will be made once the website is complete and approved by the Coaching Consortium Steering Committee and ECCLA Staff. For payments to the consultant of $600 or more in a calendar year, ECCLA will issue a Form 1099-MISC to the consultant.


Please propose a timeline that will see website completion by January 31, 2023 in the response.

Proposal Submission Instructions

Proposals are to be submitted to Sarah Goldman, Community Outreach Coordinator, at no later than 5:00 PM 10/31/2022.

Submission Requirements

  • A summary of the consultant’s qualifications, including a resume or CV.
  • A written proposal not longer than 1 page in length.
  • The hourly rate to be charged and the estimated number of hours per deliverable.
  • Provide at least three references, including former clients.

Project Budget

Not to exceed $5,000

For more information or questions please email

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