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Impact Stories

ECCLA Funded for Back to Work Program through Colorado Opportunity Scholarship Initiative

ECCLA is a proud recipient of the Colorado Opportunity Scholarship Initiative (COSI), supporting the Back to Work Early Childhood Education Scholarship Program! Our efforts will focus on recruiting displaced workers into the early care and education field in Colorado.  Early childhood professionals are the workforce 

2Generation Pilots Partner with Local Early Childhood Councils

2Generation Opportunities, or 2GO, is an effort to help communities innovate and create their own ways of engaging in a two-generation approach to service delivery. In November 2018, the 2GO pilot awarded 10 grants of $100,000 each to regional and community collaborators who have proposed innovative ways to 

Weld County Resource Provides Caregiver Support for Child Development

What if parents and caregivers could have a one-stop, online resource that connects to a variety of child development resources? This was the vision of Promises for Children, Weld County’s Early Childhood Council. Earlier this year, partners came together to launch their “RoadMap4Kids,” an interactive 

El Paso County Focuses on Social and Emotional Development

During the earliest years, social and emotional development begins in young children, which is the ability to express and understand emotions, develop social skills, and engage in problem solving strategies to maintain healthy relationships. All young children need caring, responsive, knowledgeable parents and caregivers to 

Custer County Prioritizes Early Childhood and Family Supports

Custer County is a remote community that sits in a beautiful valley between the Sangre de Cristo Mountains and the Wet Mountains with a total population of a little more than 4,000. Local families often have limited access to services with one local health clinic 

San Miguel County Ballot Measure Expands Child Care Availability for Families

Today, many families in Colorado consist of all available parents in the workforce. The accessibility of quality child care in communities across the state can vary widely. In San Miguel County, there is an extreme lack of early care and education options including child care 

Developmental Screening Transforms Grand and Jackson Counties

Every child learns and grows in a different way and at a different time. For parents and caregivers, it can be difficult to know if their child is developing normally. Developmental screenings, which identify strengths and delays in a child’s development and addresses them early, 

Larimer County Helps Kids Be Ready for School

There are 2000 days from birth to kindergarten to help children get the best start possible. Children with school readiness skills such as language development, physical and motor skills, and social and emotional development, are well prepared to enter kindergarten ready to learn and thrive. 

Building School Readiness in Rural Cheyenne, Kiowa, and Lincoln Counties

School readiness skills are learned by young children through interactions with their parents and caregivers. These skills include language development, physical and motor skills, and social and emotional development, which help children enter kindergarten ready to learn. For young children, school readiness is about listening 

Family Child Care Home Improvement Grants

In May 2021, ECCLA awarded $119,590 to 31 family child care homes across 11 counties in Colorado. Click on the link below for a list of recipients.

In 2020, ECCLA awarded $160,000 in grants to 45 family child care homes across Colorado for facilities improvements focused on expanding licensed capacity, health, safety, and quality improvement.

  • View a list of grant recipients.
  • Download the 2020 impact report.