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Justice, Equity, and Belonging: Action Plans

The Early Childhood Council Leadership Alliance (ECCLA) is committed to taking action to address the inequities that children, families, and professionals face in our early childhood system. An integral component of ECCLA’s Justice, Equity, and Belonging (J.E.B.) Collaborative is the creation and implementation of annual Action Plans that highlight the annual goals we have for our organization related to Justice, Equity, and Belonging. Click below to explore ECCLA’s 2022 and 2023 Action Plans. For questions about ECCLA’s J.E.B. Action Plans, please reach out to Cameron Fall.

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We continued our critical work in 2023 and have been working hard to ensure that justice, equity, and belonging are at the center of everything we do. Click below to see our 2023 Action Plan and our 2023 J.E.B. Report. 

Need these document translated? Please reach out to Cameron Fall.

2022 was a busy year for ECCLA’s Justice, Equity, and Belonging Collaborative. Click below to see our 2022 Action Plan and our 2022 J.E.B. Report. 

Need these document translated? Please reach out to Cameron Fall.

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2023 Action Plan 

(2024 Plan Coming Soon!)

Goal 1: Improve Accessibility of Services and Communications

Action Items

  1. Identify documents that need translation into other languages.  
    1. Review and explore ways to improve the accessibility of scholarship and grant applications for dual language learners and applicants with auditory or visual impairments (i.e., step-by-step prompts, videos, etc.).
    2. Research common languages used in Colorado by early childhood families and professionals.
    3. Ensure translation services are budgeted annually.
  2. Increase J.E.B. Collaborative outreach.
    1. Promote the JEB resource collection, trainings, events, and special holidays through social media and other outlets.
    2. Increase awareness of JEB issues through social media and other outlets.


1. By December 31, 2023
2. Ongoing

Goal 2: Review & Update ECCLA Internal and External Documents in Alignment with J.E.B. Practices

Action Items

  1. Collect resources to assist in reviewing documents with an equity lens.
    1. Identify and review resources that support updating ECCLA documents.
  2. Review & update ECCLA internal & external communications and documents.
    1. Review ECCLA’s Employee Handbook, website, direct-service policies and procedures, and Board Bylaws.
    2. Review scholarship and grant applications, processes, and follow-up documents.
  3. Work with the executive director and accountants to create a comprehensive budget for the J.E.B. Collaborative including funding for translation services, book clubs, events, etc.


1. By June 30th, 2023.
2. By December 31st, 2023.



3. By September 30th, 2023.

Goal 3: Clarify the J.E.B. Collaborative’s Role within ECE to Uplift All Voices, Community Needs, Resources, and to Connect the Dots for Early Childhood Councils

Action Items

  1. Establish a Road Map/Logic Model for the Justice, Equity, and Belonging Collaborative.
    1. Create a Road Map/Logic Model for the JEB Collaborative to provide guidance on clarifying our role within the early childhood education profession.
  2. Identify and establish relationships with organizations engaged in J.E.B. work.
    1. Develop informal and formal partnerships with organizations engaged in JEB work to support each other’s work and to be resources for each other.


1. By September 30th, 2023.
2. By December 31, 2023.

Goal 4: Engage in Opportunities to Further J.E.B. learning for ECCLA Staff and Membership

Action Items

  1. Participate in J.E.B. advocacy opportunities.
    1. Participate in book clubs, events, rallies, protests, etc. that further our learning around JEB and invite Council Members and other stakeholders.
    2. Share articles, videos, resources, and other JEB media by creating a mailing list for Council Members and other stakeholders.
  2. Create a glossary of J.E.B. terms.
    1. Review Inclusive Language Guides.
    2. Compile a glossary of terms related to JEB to increase understanding.
  3. Create and engage in an equity audit.
    1. Research and compile equity audits for review.
    2. Utilize the Equity Decision-Making Tool during creation.
    3. Create an equity audit tailored to ECCLA and Council Members.


1. By December 31st, 2023; ongoing. 
2. By December 31st, 2023.


3. End of 2023 if able; possibly into 2024.

Ongoing Action Items

  ECCLA’s J.E.B. Collaborative commits to:

    • Continuously add J.E.B. resources to our Resource Collection.
    • Continuously add J.E.B. trainings and training providers to our list of Trainings and Trainers.
    • Promote cultural holidays on ECCLA’s online calendar.
    • Improve accessibility of ECCLA services and communications.
    • Encourage trainers to approach content with a J.E.B. lens.
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