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Larimer County Helps Kids Be Ready for School

Be Ready

There are 2000 days from birth to kindergarten to help children get the best start possible. Children with school readiness skills such as language development, physical and motor skills, and social and emotional development, are well prepared to enter kindergarten ready to learn and thrive. Many children without these skills can fall behind once they enter school and may struggle to catch up with their peers.

In Larimer County, 22% of fourth graders are not reading at grade level, and 17% of high school students are not graduating on time. To address this growing concern, partners in Larimer County including Early Childhood Council of Larimer County, United Way of Larimer County, Colorado State University, local school districts, and nonprofits identified three critical areas for the community to support school readiness, feelings and behavior, health and activity, and language and learning.

These partners hold a vision that everyone in Larimer County engages in the important work of helping children prepare to be successful in school. Together, they launched the interactive website to equip parents and community members with ways to encourage and support young children to develop skills to enter school ready to learn. Partners also engage with families at Be Ready community events to encourage early learning, healthy development, and connect them with local resources and support.

Learn more about the Early Childhood Council of Larimer County’s work to support young children and their families.


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