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ECCLA’s mission is to improve the quality, capacity, and equity of services and supports for Colorado’s young children and their families through a statewide network of Early Childhood Councils and key stakeholders. As a membership association for Early Childhood Councils, we provide technical assistance and capacity building, leverage policy and advocacy, scale innovation, improve workforce supports for early childhood professionals, advance collective impact, and facilitate partnerships. In collaboration with Early Childhood Councils, our efforts enable us to effectively align, leverage, scale, and lead solutions that contribute to building and supporting Colorado’s robust early childhood system.

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A professional headshot of Maegan Lokteff
Maegan Lokteff
Executive Director


(720) 588-2841

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A professional headshot of Shannon Hall
Shannon Hall
Director of Direct Services


(720) 899-3047
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A professional headshot of Cameron Fall
Cameron Fall
Scholarship and Career Coordinator

(720) 899-3048
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Professional headshot of Enola Garland
Enola Garland
Program and Operations Manager

(720) 699-8283
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A professional headshot of Stephanie Martin
Stephanie Martin
Data and Evaluation Coordinator


(720) 741-2896

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Professional headshot of Dallas Brown
Dallas Brown
ECE Scholarship/Career Navigator- T.E.A.C.H.

(720) 588-2842
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A close up of Cheryl Gould
Cheryl Gould
Scholarship and Career Administrative Assistant


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Early Childhood Council Leaders

Colorado’s 35 Early Childhood Councils (representing all 64 counties) have a unique role within their local communities to serve as an early childhood hub. Together, Councils improve the quality of early learning environments to prepare young children to enter kindergarten; build the resources and skills of families; ensure families have access to social, physical, and mental health services; and deliver resources to increase the effectiveness of early childhood professionals.

To learn more about the Early Childhood Council click on the Council leader’s photo.

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