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Free Reflective Supervision for Early Childhood Coaches

Looking for information on ECCLA’s FREE Reflective Supervision for Early Childhood Coaches? You’ve come to the right place! Click the menu buttons below to navigate this page based on your professional role. Looking for ECCLA’s Early Childhood Coach Credential Scholarship? Click here


ECCLA currently has the funding to offer free Reflective Supervision (RS) to any credentialed Early Childhood Coach in Colorado who needs it. 

The RS Supervisors and Consultants listed below were contracted by the Early Childhood Council Leadership Alliance (ECCLA) and funded by the Colorado Department of Early Childhood (CDEC) to provide group-based RS to early childhood coaches across Colorado. 

Guidelines for Early Childhood Coaches:

  • Contact the RS Supervisor directly to schedule regular RS meetings. You can click each name or email below to contact and schedule. 
    • Coaches are expected to meet with their RS Supervisor once a month for a 90 minute-2 hour session
  • RS Supervisors are on a first come-first save basis with a group limit of 4
  • Availability of RS Supervisors is subject to change
  • Interpretation/translation services are available upon request. RS Supervisors marked with a (B) are bilingual Spanish/English or have an interpreter on hand, RS Supervisors marked with a (D) have Farsi and Arabic interpreters on hand
  • Coaches will NOT be charged for sessions provided by the RS Supervisors listed here

You can click each name or email below to contact and schedule. If you are having trouble connecting with a RS Supervisor or finding a session that works with your schedule, then please reach out to Stephanie Martin.

Monday-Friday Availability

Monday-Friday: AM & PM

Monday-Friday: PM Only

Monday-Friday: AM & PM

Monday-Thursday: PM Only

Monday-Friday: AM & PM (in-person depending on location or virtual)


Weekend Availability 

Saturday & Sunday

Sunday Only

If Needed

If Needed


Prospective Reflective Supervision Providers

Want to offer Reflective Supervision to Coaches through ECCLA? If you did NOT submit a proposal to ECCLA but still wish to offer RS, then please send an email with the following information to Stephanie Martin.

  • Name
  • Brief overview of RS experience
  • Availability
  • Cost per session
  • Method of delivery (in person or virtual)
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