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T.E.A.C.H. Early Childhood® Colorado Scholarship Forms

Note about the Online Application: There are documents that you will need to submit with your online application. If you are applying as an employee of an early childhood learning and care program, you will still need to download and submit a signed Center Participation Agreement and Center Profile. If you are applying as an Early Childhood Community Specialist, you will still need to download and submit a signed Participation Agreement. Agreements differ by model, so please be sure to select the agreement that corresponds with the model that you are applying for.

Tip: Having trouble filling the document out in Adobe, Word, or Google Documents? Print the document and scan it. Don’t have a scanner? Take a good picture of the document using your phone (some have a document scan feature) and submit it with your application. If you use the Google Drive application on your phone, click the + in the bottom right corner to find the photo scan option. Please be sure that the document is easy to read or this could delay the processing of your application.

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