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Enola Garland

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Enola (she/her) joined ECCLA in January of 2022. She transitioned to this organization after almost nine years as an early childhood teacher working with children ages 3-5. In 2013, she stumbled into a position as a teacher’s aide in California where she discovered a passion for promoting healthy social-emotional development. She has taught in Colorado Preschool Program, Head Start, and community-based non-profit programs. During her time as a teacher, Enola experienced the benefits of coaching and peer-mentor relationships, and to pay that forward, she has been a mentor teacher. She is a credentialed Teachstone CLASS Pre-K to 3rd Grade Observer, FCCERs-3 Quality Specialist, Program Administration Scale Certified Observer, and Early Childhood Trainer. Enola considers herself to be a proud and passionate advocate for early childhood education and is also the part-time executive director of the Colorado Association for the Education of Young Children, Colorado’s  National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) affiliate.

Enola grew up in Colorado Springs and Southern California and struggles to not say “umm yeah no” and call people “dude” in professional settings. She currently resides in Colorado Springs.

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