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Weld County Resource Provides Caregiver Support for Child Development

What if parents and caregivers could have a one-stop, online resource that connects to a variety of child development resources? This was the vision of Promises for Children, Weld County’s Early Childhood Council. Earlier this year, partners came together to launch their “RoadMap4Kids,” an interactive resource to connect caregivers to resources for children prenatal to eight years old.

Learning and development begins before a child enters school and caregivers often need assistance with finding resources to support a child’s development, education, and growth. The “RoadMap4Kids” features resources in ten sections including, child development, nutrition, physical and mental health, school readiness, and child care. 

“It’s a great tool for any parent, caregiver, or community member who is working with children because it tells you the developmental milestones of young children at a certain age. Then, it connects you to resources and online videos to show you how to interactively play with your child and develop critical skills to build school readiness,” Sheri Hannah-Ruh, Council Coordinator with Promises for Children.

This important resource is available to families in English and Spanish. Promises for Children intends to regularly evaluate and update the website to ensure it continues to meet the needs of the local community. Visit Promises for Children’s “RoadMap4Kids” at

Learn more about Promises for Children’s work to support young children and their families.

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