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Why is Early Childhood Important?

All Coloradans have a role in preparing young children for the future, as they will be our neighbors, community members, and leaders. Every young child, no matter where they live in our state – the plains, mountains, rural areas or urban centers – needs high quality caregiving for their development. Early Childhood Councils develop local partnerships and connections to build supportive communities for children and families.

Brain development begins before birth and into adulthood. Early interactions and experiences with caregivers help to shape a young child’s brain. Building a healthy brain early provides a child with a strong foundation and increases positive long term outcomes.

But not every child’s experiences are positive. Severe and frequent stress resulting from poverty, abuse, and neglect can become toxic to a child’s development. Fortunately, positive relationships and supportive communities can help young children and their families to build resilience and develop strong, nurturing relationships – so that young children achieve their full potential.

Children have a strong start when their families thrive in supportive communities and they have access to comprehensive health care; early learning opportunities; and social, emotional, and mental health support. Positive, high quality early childhood experiences provide the best opportunity to prepare children for success in school and life.

Across Colorado, 35 Early Childhood Councils serve as hubs in their local communities to improve access to high quality services and supports for young children and their families. To learn more about how you can support healthy child development and strong futures, connect with your local Early Childhood Council.

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