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ECCLA supports Colorado's 34 Early Childhood Councils as they coordinate locally to align services and resources for families. Early Childhood Councils bring together programs and services to cultivate a local voice and vision for Colorado’s youngest children. ECCLA provides Early Childhood Councils with technical assistance, shared measurement, advocacy, statewide partnerships, and a collective voice. Together, ECCLA and Early Childhood Councils are building and supporting the early childhood system across Colorado.
Elevating Early Childhood
Bringing Together Communities
Delivering Impact Across Colorado

Strengthening Colorado's Early Childhood System

Early Childhood Councils

Across our state Councils align services and supports for children and their families. Learn how they work in your community.

Meet Your Council Leaders

Who are the leaders strengthening Colorado’s Early Childhood Councils? Find out more about your local Council and who to connect with!

Early Childhood Framework

Colorado has a framework that guides early childhood. Discover how Early Childhood Councils incorporate this into their work.