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World Autism Acceptance Day

Date(s) - 04/02/23
All Day


General Resources & Education
Talking About Autism: Language & Vocab (Person-First vs Identity-First):…/language-person-first…/
Identity-First Language:…/identity-first-language/
Resource List from ASAN:

Supporting Caregivers & Staff:
Accessibility Resources for Adults with Autism (Planning Accessible and Inclusive Trainings, Inclusive Meetings, and more):
Autism in the Workplace: How to Accommodate Adults with Autism:

Supporting Children & Families:
Classroom Accommodations for Sensory Processing Issues:…/at-a-glance-classroom…
Support You Can See (and Feel): Teaching Children With Autism:…/oct2019/teaching-children-autism
15 Behavior Strategies for Children with Autism:
Inclusion and Belonging, Birth to 5 Webinars from the Head Start Early Childhood Learning & Knowledge Center:…/inclusion-belonging…
Autism Spectrum Disorder in Children:…/Autism-Spectrum… (Healthy Children / American Academy of Pediatrics)
Head Start Talks: Supporting Young Children with Disabilities or Suspected Delays (Audio, 18 minutes):…/02384-rotgp…
CDC: Autism Resources:
CDC: Free Materials for Developmental Monitoring:
CDC: Concerned About Your Child’s Development?:
Austistikids: Awareness, Acceptance, and Support for Caregivers:
Autism-Positive Books for Teachers to Read During April:



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